We offer a wealth of experience. Ro Jameson Ashworth launched Perfect Fit Pilates in 2000, teaching mat classes in hired venues in Bishop’s Stortford, Dunmow and Saffron Walden. Ro trained with and is accredited by the Body Control Pilates Association.

When the opportunity came to establish a permanent studio in 2002, Ro rented Studio space at Gt Hadham Golf & Country Club. The studio was equipped with specialist Pilates exercise machines (Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs & Ladder Barrel), and offered a separate space for mat classes. 

Covid and lockdown seriously affected the usage of the studio and led to the introduction of Zoomed sessions and eventual closure of the studio in December 2023. 

Ro’s maturity and long experience are well received by clients of all ages. She is the perfect example of the benefits of Pilates and its contribution to a longer active life. Ro is supported by a small Team of younger well qualified teachers – Julia and Asena – whose bios are shown here.

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Our clients typically will have some past experience of Pilates. You will be happy to exercise at home – it’s much more convenient than driving to a studio especially on a cold winter’s morning!  And you can log into your regular Pilates class even if you are away from home. To make things even more convenient, we give you access to a recording of each class which is live for a week so that you will not miss a thing and will allow you to rerun the class as many times as you wish!

The benefits of Pilates are well documented. Pilates helps to prevent injury. It rehabilitates injured muscles. And restores natural, normal movement and posture. It strengthens the postural muscles that stabilize the torso. By correcting muscle imbalances, the body becomes re-aligned. So you might want to get involved as an insurance against problems in the future. Or, as you will see from some of the feedback we have received from those we have worked with over the years – see here – you may be suffering from past injury or other debilitating condition.

The standard of care and quality of teaching of the PerfectFit team is recognised by the medical profession; several physiotherapists, osteopaths and GPs refer patients on a regular basis. Pilates can be an excellent road to rehabilitation for those who have suffered injury or have a recurring physical problem or pain. But it can also help prevent problems and enhance performance in sport by improving flexibility and core strength. And it makes people both look and feel better.

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