I just wanted to say Ro I really appreciate you continuing with the zoom classes throughout this time, as both family and friends have commentated on what a difference it has made to my strength, in particular my legs. I can feel the difference and it has done wonders for my confidence and being able to lead a more normal life. I shall be forever grateful and I never want you to retire!!!
Long term client

“I first came to PerfectFit Pilates with a lower back pain. Under Ro and her team I was able to swiftly correct the postural and coordination errors I was making. Having previously tried another set of classes elsewhere, to little effect, what struck me about PerfectFit Pilates was the high level of knowledge and expert communication of anatomy, physiology and the Pilates exercises. This is what I had been looking for! Rarely does a lesson go by without me learning something new. The attention to the individual within the class is excellent and the atmosphere is confident and quietly assured.

Pilates has become a part of my weekly routine and I continue to learn and gain control over a body that is getting older – but stronger and more flexible: amazing! That alone is worth the fees.

I can thoroughly recommend Pilates to all ages and PerfectFit Pilates as the ideal studio to learn in.


Book seller

Three years ago I was diagnosed with fractured vertebrae and prolapsed disc. I couldn’t walk more than 100m without stopping in severe pain. My options to manage the pain were surgery or physical therapy. I tried several gym based pilates classes but never found any benefit. Now after the dedicated tuition and instruction of Ro, I am almost entirely pain free. Ro makes the 1:1 sessions very enjoyable and interesting by varying their content, whilst the Body Control Pilates program is structured to meet the current physical needs and ability of the participant – meaning you are challenged but never overwhelmed.

I now use everything I have learnt about controlling my body and managing my pain every minute of the day and would recommend PerfectFit Pilates to anyone looking to understand and control their back pain.


IT Business Analyst

Having many old injuries, generally disliking exercise and having a low boredom threshold makes me a challenge for anyone! I have been having 1:1 sessions with Ro for five or six years now. The lessons are always varied and no week is the same as the week before. Ro works within what the body is saying each week and helps maximise benefit. I had a particularly weak pelvic floor and the improvement has been considerable – the change in my shape was noticeable too. My body feels the difference if we have a gap for holidays and I really look forward to going each time.”


Hospital Chaplain

I work long hours in the City and combined with commuting, the sedentary lifestyle is not good for my posture. Pilates helps to balance this lifestyle. In addition, last year I was undertaking a lot of long haul travel and looking after an aged parent, resulting in two frozen shoulders. Ro and her team at Perfectfit Pilates have helped to reverse the chronic symptoms of that condition through mat and reformer classes.


Investment Analyst

Pilates was recommended to me by my neurosurgeon after back and neck injury. With tailor made exercises, Ro at Perfectfit Pilates has given me my confidence back.


HGV Driver

Ro and her team have played a pivotal part in my recovery from a serious riding accident, devising a highly personalised exercise plan in close partnership with my medical team, taking me to a point where I am able to ride, having initially been told that I would not ride again.


Head Teacher

I have been doing Pilates for 10 years. I can say with confidence that I am more supple, agile and fit as a direct result of my sessions. I would further say that if I had the opportunity to do 1 or 2 further sessions a week I would see a further considerable improvement.

For Mollie (a budding star on the courts) Shelley has made the sessions enjoyable and extremely beneficial for a young girl who questioned their benefit. She now considers these sessions not only important for her individual needs, but instrumental in the well being of a performance athlete.


Tennis Coach

My osteopath recommended that I should seek help at PerfectFit Pilates to manage my back and neck pain, arthritic knee, chronic migraine and early Parkinson’s disease. I have been under the care of Shelley who quickly identified weak core strength and poor posture as my main problems. I was greatly impressed by the remarkable attention to detail in her initial assessment which was carried through in the weekly 1:1 cIasses. Her ability to modify the exercises as required in order to avoid pain or discomfort was astonishing.

I appreciated her lucid explanation of what was going on as this helped me with the exercises at home for which she gave me valuable written instructions.

During the 8 months I have been attending, my core strength, mobility and posture have improved enormously. My knee pain is so much better that I have been able to defer a joint replacement. However, I realise that the exercises must be maintained. Having been less successful with Pilates classes elsewhere or with physiotherapy, I can strongly recommend PerfectFit Pilates.


Retired GP

Welcome to Perfect Fit Pilates

Here you can join online Pilates classes by Zoom at home, on holiday, or wherever you are in the world, or just a recording of the class.

Class sizes are deliberately kept small in the  number of participants to enable our instructors to interact and offer guidance on an individual basis. You will be able to chat with other class members before and after each class.

As well as mat classes, we also provide a limited number of places in reformer classes, and some 1:1 and 1:2 individual sessions.

Ro Jameson Ashworth

Mat classes

We have mat classes to suit everyone’s needs, from Beginner through Improver to Advanced.

Perfect Fit Pilates


These are good for people who have been referred because of any individual problems.

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