Why Pilates

Pilates helps to prevent injury. It rehabilitates injured muscles. And restores natural, normal movement and posture. It strengthens the postural muscles that stabilize the torso. By correcting muscle imbalances, the body becomes re-aligned.

Pilates offers both mental and physical training.

Its consistent success rate in helping people with lower back, shoulder, neck and RSI problems has brought it to the attention of Physios, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

Pilates is used also as a training regime for sports people and athletes to give them core body strength and flexibility, so enhancing their performance and helping to prevent injury.

In short, Pilates:

  • improves co-ordination, balance and body alignment
  • eliminates poor posture
  • tones slack muscles
  • improves body awareness
  • reduces tension
  • helps prevent injury
  • allows the body to function efficiently
  • improves sports performance.

Mat classes

We have mat classes to suit everyone’s needs, from Beginner through Improver to Advanced.

Private Sessions

These are good for people who have been referred because of any individual problems.

Studio Reformer Classes

These are held in our adjoining machine studio.

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