Mat Classes

We run 3 blocks of 12 mat classes during the year to correspond with school term times. Over the summer period, a scaled down programme operates bookable in advance on an ad hoc basis.

Mat classes run for 1 hour and with a limited number of participants. This enables the teachers to adapt exercises to match individual needs and to ensure that everyone takes maximum benefit from the class. These are small friendly classes where we interact before and after the class.

We frequently use equipment in the classes such as hand weights, stretchy bands, soft balls, foam rollers and circles to add variety and resistance. They are optional, but if clients wish to use them and do not already have access to them, we can advise on where to get them.

For those who are new to Pilates, you will need to book a private 1:1 session before joining a regular class. This is to ensure you understand the basic principles of Pilates exercises.

Private sessions are also beneficial if you would like individual attention to your specific needs.


Ro runs these classes from a space she rents in her old studio at Great Hadham Golf & Country Club – currently on a Wednesday morning. Further, if you own a Reformer, we offer private sessions on a 1:1 basis at your home provided you are based conveniently near. 

You will need to have a basic knowledge of Pilates exercises before joining a reformer class. This can be obtained either through a mat course; or through private 1:1 lessons.

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