These are held in our adjoining machine studio.

The maximum number in the class is 6, and you will need to have a basic knowledge of Pilates exercises before joining a machine class. This can be obtained either through a Beginner mat course; or through private 1:1 lessons.

Our studio is equipped with 6 Reformers, two Cadillacs, 2 Chairs and a ladder barrel. We also use wobble boards and arc barrels to assist our clients.

Working on the machines adds an extra dimension to your exercise and isolates individual muscles. You are constantly working against resistance provided by the equipment which in a mat class is provided by your own body weight.

Welcome to Perfect Fit Pilates

Here you can join online Pilates classes by Zoom at home, on holiday, or wherever you are in the world, or just a recording of the class.

Class sizes are deliberately kept small in the  number of participants to enable our instructors to interact and offer guidance on an individual basis. You will be able to chat with other class members before and after each class.

As well as mat classes, we also provide a limited number of places in reformer classes, and some 1:1 and 1:2 individual sessions.

Ro Jameson Ashworth

Mat classes

We have mat classes to suit everyone’s needs, from Beginner through Improver to Advanced.

Perfect Fit Pilates


These are good for people who have been referred because of any individual problems.



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