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Ro Jameson Ashworth

Ro Jameson Ashworth


Ro qualified in 2000 with Body Control Pilates and is now qualified to advanced level on mat and all the machines and as a Level 4 Back Care Specialist. “I got into Pilates after years of driving for my job, lots of gym work, teaching in the gym as a personal trainer and taking exercise to music classes. My lower back was suffering and guess what – when I trained as a Pilates Instructor my back pain disappeared as I strengthened my core muscles”.




“I started Pilates in 2003 following an ongoing back injury. Having been a professional ballet dancer my back took more than its fair share of punishment. Eventually the pain became such a disabling part of my life it became obvious that I had to take an active role in managing the injury. A friend, who was also one of the leading Instructor Trainers in the country, suggested I try the benefits of Pilates and before long I was convinced. I trained as a STOTT Pilates Instructor shortly afterwards. Having experienced the relief Pilates has brought me I have never looked back. I have been teaching Pilates since 2003.”




I am a Body Control Pilates teacher (Level 3 Reps). I discovered Pilates myself after reaslising that I needed to bring some balance to my exercising, which was mainly high impact and aerobic. My knees were suffering and after trying various things I did wonder if I would have to stop running completely. A friend recommended Pilates to me and I quickly realised that I’d found something which was helping my knees and left me feeling strong, flexible and beautifully exercised as well. I’d found balance. So for me, Pilates is simply a kind and correct way to exercise the body, and this is what I’d like to share with others.

Jon Ashton

Jon Ashton


For the last 17 years Jon has been a professional footballer, playing in every league of English football including the Premier League. Over his years of being involved in elite sport and now teaching Pilates, Jon is passionate about improving other’s level of performance in their chosen sport, experiencing firsthand the benefits Pilates can bring.

Jon first started practicing Pilates following a hip injury in 2008/09. After surgery and weekly 1:1 sessions with a Body Control Pilates teacher he returned to full fitness quicker, stronger and was more confident than before. Jon hasn’t looked back since and now wants to help others in achieving the same, whatever their goals and walk of life.

Jon’s specialist areas of formance related clients: injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds


After having my children I attended regular Pilates classes and found the benefits of the deep muscle exercises and general feeling of wellness after a class so great that I decided to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher. Since qualifying I continue to develop my knowledge by taking regular courses in Bone Health and Special Populations in order to bring the best I can to my clients. I really enjoy helping people of all ages and abilities feel better in their bodies and enable them to take the positive Pilates movement patterns into their everyday lives.

Janice Stockton

Janice Stockton


After qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1980 I specialised in Muscular -Skeleto treatments for joint, muscle and postural problems presented by patients of all ages. During a career break to raise my family I started attending Pilates classes which reaffirmed to me the importance of regular exercise, good posture and strong and effective core muscles. I was inspired to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher a program successfully completed in 2018.

Jessica Gridley

Jessica Gridley


Jessica took up Pilates after experiencing some lower back issues.  While the visits to the chiropractor helped, the improvement was short lived, so it was time to look for another solution.  Not only did the Pilates sort the back problems out, but Jessica also found she loved it.  Now a Stott trained Pilates instructor in both mat work and reformer, she is enthusiastic to open this up to others too. 

Mat classes

We have mat classes to suit everyone’s needs, from Beginner through Improver to Advanced.

Private Sessions

These are good for people who have been referred because of any individual problems.

Studio Reformer Classes

These are held in our adjoining machine studio.

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 This is the current timetable for September 2020 for the next 6 week block.

Colour key for types of class
Studio & Zoom
Just Zoom from Home
Just Studio


9.15-10.15am Inter/Advanced Mat Class: Ro

10.30-11.30pm Seniors Mat Class: Ro

7.00-8.00pm Intermediate Mat Class:  Julia                 


9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class: Ro

10.15-11.15am Beginner Class: Studio  Reformer: Jess       

11.30-12.30pm Beginner  Mat  Class: :                            Jess 

6.30-7.30pm Intermediate Mat Class: Jess

6.00-7.00pm Intermediate Mat Class: Shelley

7.15-8.15 pm: Intermediate Mat Class:  Shelley


9.30-10.30am Mixed Ability  Mat Class: Susan     

9.30-10.30am Studio Reformer  Class:     Shelley

6.00-7.00pm Mixed Ability Mat Class:   Shelley

7.15-8.15pm Inter/Advanced Mat Class :  Shelley


9.15-10.15am Inter/Advanced Mat Class:  Ro 

10.30-11.30am Slower Pace Class:          Ro

11.45-12.45pm Slower Pace Mat Class : Ro

5.00-6.00pm Studio Reformer Class:  Jess

6.30-7.30pm Intermediate Mat Class: Jess     


9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class: Shelley

9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class:   Ro 

10.45–11.45 Studio Reformer ClassShelley

12.00-1.00pm Studio Reformer ClassShelley


9.30-10.30am Mixed Ability Mat Class: Janice

10.15-11.15am Studio Reformer ClassShelley


9.00-10.00am Studio Reformer Class: Jon      

10.15-11.15am Intermediate Mat Class: Jon 

Please call Ro to book a place, or find out more about the classes or 1:2:1 or 2:2:1 sessions

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