This is the current timetable for APRIL  2022, MOST MAT CLASSES  ARE STILL BEING ZOOMED EITHER FROM THE STUDIO OR FROM HOME, AND  CLASSES IN THE STUDIO ARE  LIVE  FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND. We are still observing the Government’s Covid guidelines  for cleaning.

 * Denotes New Class


9.00-10.00am Inter/Advanced Mat Class: Ro :   Zoom only

10.55-11.55am Seniors Mat Class: Ro: Live in Studio & Zoom

7.00-8.00pm Intermediate Mat Class:  Julia :  Live in Studio

8.10-8.55pm Beginner Mat Class (45 minutes) : Julia * (TBA)               


9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class: Ro   Zoom only     

6.30-7.30pm Intermediate Mat Class: Jess     Zoom only

6.10-7.10pm Intermediate Mat Class: Shelley     Live in Studio & Zoom

7.20-8.20 pm: Intermediate Mat Class:  Shelley    Live in Studio & Zoom


9.30-10.30am Studio Reformer  Class:     Jess

11.30-12.30 NEW CLASS: Pilates Reformer class for Golfers:  Jess * (TBA)

6.30-7.30pm Mixed Ability Mat Class:   Shelley    Live in the Studio & Zoom

7.40pm-8.40pm  Studio Reformer Class:    Shelley


9.15-10.15am Inter/Advanced Mat Class:  Ro     Live in Studio & Zoom

10.25-11.25am Slower Pace Mat Class:   Ro      Live in Studio & Zoom

 11.30-12.30pm Studio Reformer Class :   Ro  


9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class:   Shelley   Live in Studio & Zoom

9.30-10.30am Intermediate Mat Class:   Ro     Zoom  only

10.45–11.45 Studio Reformer Class:   Shelley

12.00-1.00pm  Studio Reformer Class:   Shelley TBA


9.30-10.30am Mixed Ability Mat Class: Asena    Zoom only

10.00am-11.00am Studio Reformer ClassShelley

Please call Ro to book a place, or find out more about the classes or 1:2:1 or 2:2:1 sessions. These fit around our classes in the Studio

Mat classes

We have mat classes to suit everyone’s needs, from Beginner through Improver to Advanced.

Private Sessions

These are good for people who have been referred because of any individual problems.

Studio Reformer Classes

These are held in our adjoining machine studio.

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